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Light Ring

Light Ring

Includes tripod and cell phone holder

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- This ring light specially adopts double bracket design. There is a rotatable cell phone holder on the ring light and tripod respectively. Such design can not only easily adjust the cell phone to any angle, but also meet the needs of multiple platforms or live streaming accounts at the same time.

- The tripod Only needs 30 seconds to adjust to the most suitable height for you. Even girls can set it up easily, saving time and effort. Compared with other stands with a maximum length of 1.2m on the market, our stand height is designed to be up to 1.56m, which meets the height and scene requirements of more people, and allows you to have a brighter light source and wider angle.

- The tripod can be used with the camera, and the cell phone can be used with a phone folder, which will make it more convenient for you to take panoramic photos of the whole family, record the beautiful scenery and happy moment of your family. At the same time, the ring light is suitable for scenes such as tiktok, live broadcast, online teaching, YouTube, Ins, Facebook, Vlog, makeup, video, etc.

- 10 inch arc surface ring light. It is up to 120° illumination angle, which is enough to make the uniform. This kind of design helps to eliminate dark spots. The tripod of this product is made of high quality aluminum alloy and its service life will be longer. We also improve and adjust the connection angle of ring light and tripod 56 times to make the connection more stable and not easy to fall off.

- Cool white, warm white, warm yellow. Choosing different modes to meet different makeup effects and create various environmental atmospheres, each light mode has ten brightness levels. Circular aperture design simulates the effect of natural sunlight, forming facial reflections naturally, the effect of shadow and face thinning is more obvious, improving the stereoscopic feeling of facial contours.

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